Our Club

Our Philosophy

  • all ages and skill levels are welcome (including adults)
  • skaters are trained in a fun and supportive environment
  • every skater is challenged based on their abilities
  • skaters set individual goals and challenge their personal best race times
  • we train hard, but also end each session with some fun activities
  • all skaters have opportunities to compete in out-of-town speed skating meets

The Sport of Speed Skating

The sport of speed skating includes both short and long track skating. Short track is performed on a typical arena ice pad, while long track skating is performed on a 400m oval. Sudbury Sprinters is a short track speed skating club. The outdoor Queen’s Athletic Oval also provides an opportunity for skaters to try long track speed skating and build endurance as part of their winter training.

Speed Skating Meets

The Sudbury Sprinters are a member club of Speed Skating Ontario and skaters have the option to compete in speed skating meets throughout the province. Skaters are placed into heats based on their age and speed, so that all racers are challenged at their level. Skaters participate in a variety of races in varying lengths, typically beginning with sprint distances in heats of 3 to 5 skaters per heat. Skaters must use a combination of skill, speed, and strategy, seizing opportunities to overtake other skaters when possible to slide into the lead.

January, 2023 – Intermediate and Senior Groups Practice

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